Watch Daisy Ridley play the ‘Star Wars’ theme song on a kazoo

She didn't appear to know what the instrument was...

A recent interview with Daisy Ridley was stopped for the star to perform the Star Wars theme song on a kazoo – even though she didn’t appear to know what the instrument actually was.

During a recent chat/quiz with PopBuzz, Ridley was given the challenge of playing the iconic theme on a kazoo.

“What is that?” she exclaimed. “Is it an instrument?” Upon seeing the item, she then said: “Oh, yeah, yeah, it’s like a recorder.”

Despite her initial scepticism, Ridley seemed enthused about the kazoo, playing a snippet of the Star Wars theme before admitting: “God, my music career just disappeared into the air.”

Watch in the clip below:

Ridley got to keep the kazoo, with interviewer James Wilson-Taylor later tweeting: “This was fun. Really hope she’s kept that kazoo. “

The latest Star Wars film The Last Jedi is out in cinemas now.

In NME‘s review, Olly Richards wrote: “The Last Jedi blasts the rule book to pieces, sending the Skywalker saga in unexpected directions. Not all its risks pay off, but its biggest wins outdo anything in the previous film. For fans, there are many, many moments that will leave you cheering or weeping, possibly both at once.”