Daisy Ridley says she wishes fan reactions to Star Wars weren’t “so vicious”

"People worked really, really hard on that thing"

Daisy Ridley has criticised fan reactions to Star Wars in a new interview, suggesting that fans don’t have to be “so vicious”.

The actress, who will play her character Rey again in The Rise of Skywalker, due out later this year, revealed her thoughts on the fandom in a new interview with Bustle.

“It’s great that people are expressive of their views,” she began. “But this is people’s jobs. People worked really, really hard on that thing. I think there’s a way of having a discussion that isn’t so vicious.”


She also spoke of social media, saying how it can contribute to “the God complex that some people have. Because if you’ve got however many followers, and you write something that you think is, like, so deep, and a hundred people like it, it’s constant reinforcement.”

She then went on to talk about the significant backlash to The Last Jedi.

“I wasn’t surprised, no,” she said. “It’s just a different thing. Everyone’s going to have an opinion now anyway on the internet, but I also think it’s fair.

“If people hold something incredibly dear and think they know how it should be and it’s not like that, it’s fair for people to think they were done wrong.”

Ridley has recently revealed that she believes fans will be “very satisfied” with the final instalment in the current trilogy.