Daniel Craig’s new TV role casts doubts on his future as Bond

Actor is reportedly lined up to star in a 20-episode adaptation of Jonathan Franzen's novel 'Purity'

Rumours of Daniel Craig’s departure from the Bond franchise have intensified again after it was reported that he has landed a new TV role.

According to Variety, Craig is being lined up to star in an adaptation of Jonathan Franzen’s novel Purity that is currently being shopped to Netflix, US networks Showtime and FX and at least three other unnamed outlets.

The adaptation would comprise 20 episodes, suggesting a sizeable time commitment from Craig. However, The Independent is now reporting that his final decision on whether to return to Bond will not depend on what happens with Purity.

While promoting last year’s Bond film Spectre, Craig famously said he would rather “slash my wrists” than play 007 again. However, he later appeared to backtrack from this comment by saying: “I’m quite straightforward and I say things when I feel it and then I change my mind. I’m just like everybody else. People latch onto things. There’s not a lot I can do about that.”

Spectre‘s reviews were less positive than awarded to Craig’s previous outing as 007, 2012’s Skyfall. Spectre also failed to match Skyfall at the box office, grossing $879 million (£607 million) globally compared to the earlier film’s $1.11 billion (£770 million).