Daniel Day-Lewis actually still uses a flip phone

Is he method-acting that he's stuck in the 2000s?

It’s official: Daniel Day-Lewis still has a flip phone, and there’s photographic evidence to prove it.

Journalist Karen Han spotted the recently retired actor on the subway in New York this week, tweeting: “Daniel Day-Lewis is on my train and casually just looking at his flip phone”.

She later posted a photo for “everyone who asked for pictorial evidence”. See the picture in all its glory below.

After some Twitter users were sceptical that it was actually Day-Lewis in the photo, someone pointed to the fact that the individual depicted is wearing a similar ring to one that the star is known to own.

The photo soon went viral and led fans to speculate whether he was preparing for a return to acting. “He’s clearly in full on method mode for his top secret movie on the founding of myspace dot com,” one Twitter user wrote.

Day-Lewis was applauded by some for his phone choice: “Smart. Batteries last a week, no app tracking or hacking, nobody wants to steal it.” Another added: “You know DDL has had the same phone since 2007”.

It also reminded people of a story involving David Bowie. One tweeter wrote: “Reminds me of the tale of David Bowie taking the subway holding a Greek newspaper. Nobody would believe it was him.”

Others wanted another aspect of the photo explained:


Daniel Day-Lewis announced his decision to quit acting last June. The Oscar-winning British actor – known for his roles in movies like Gangs of New York and There Will Be Blood – released a statement confirming that Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread would be his last film.

He later opened up about the reasons for his retirement, explaining that his final film Phantom Thread left him engulfed in depression.