Daniel Kaluuya reminds Hollywood there’s still “work to do” in bid for racial equality

The actor thanked the Black Panther Party's Fred Hampton for his work and teaching the actor how to love himself

Daniel Kaluuya has reminded Hollywood that there is still “work to do” in the journey to racial equality, both within the industry and society at large.

The actor collected the award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role at the Oscars 2021 tonight (April 26) for playing Fred Hampton in Judas And The Black Messiah.

Kaluuya held up the chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party as an example of how to help others. “What a man,” he said as he collected the trophy. “How blessed are we that we live in a lifetime where he existed? Thank you for your light.


“He was on this Earth for 21 years and he found a way to feed kids breakfast, educate kids, give free medical care. Against all the odds, he showed me, he taught me – him, Huey P Newton, Bobby Seale, the Black Panther Party – they showed me how to love myself. With that love, they overflowed it the Black community and other communities and they showed us the power of union, the power of unity. That when they say ‘divide and conquer’, we say ‘unite and ascend’.”

He continued: “Thank you so much for showing me myself. There’s so much work to do, guys – and that’s on everyone in this room. This ain’t no single man job. I look to every single one of you – we’ve got work to do.”

The Oscars 2021 is taking place in Los Angeles tonight, with hubs in London and Paris for European nominees. You can follow all the winners as they’re announced live here.

Regina King began the ceremony at LA’s Union Station with a moving speech referencing the trial of the police officer who murdered George Floyd and police brutality.