Daniel Kaluuya seemingly mistaken for Leslie Odom Jr. by reporter at Oscars

A reporter asked Kaluuya about being directed by Regina King, and has since denied making an error

Daniel Kaluuya was seemingly mistaken for Leslie Odom Jr. at this weekend’s Oscars ceremony.

After winning the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in Shaka King’s Judas and the Black Messiah, Kaluuya was asked by a reporter about being directed by Regina King.

Regina King directed Leslie Odom Jr. as Sam Cooke in her directorial debut, One Night in Miami. The actor was also nominated for an Oscar in the same category as Kaluuya.


Viewers began sharing the clip of Kaluuya’s post-win Q&A online, in which a reporter can be heard asking “what it meant for [him] to be directed by Regina,” nodding to Regina King.

Daniel Kaluuya then asked the reporter, Margaret Gardiner from South Africa’s Sunday Times, to clarify her question. Gardiner repeated her question without mentioning King, asking what the actor’s win meant “for the community”.

Take a look at the clip here:

After viewers speculated on the mistake, Gardiner took to Twitter to deny she had mixed up the actors.

“Daniel Kaluuya I did not mistake you for Leslie Odom Jr,” the reporter wrote.


“I’m sorry if it seemed that way. I had wanted to ask about Regina King not being nominated as a director for One Night in Miami, and your win for Judas and the Black Messiah for the community at this time.”

In two follow-up tweets, the journalist said: “There was a sound issue so I dropped the part about Regina King and restated my question. What does it mean for the community at this time. When I listed [sic] to the audio, I do understand, but there was no confusion.

“This is my last tweet on my mistake. I apologize to Daniel Kaluuya for my words. I apologize to anyone else who was offended by them.”

In his acceptance speech, Daniel Kaluuya reminded Hollywood there is still “work to do” in the journey to racial equality.