Daniel Radcliffe says kissing Paul Dano on screen was ‘weird’ and ‘incestuous’

The two actors have previously starred opposite one another's girlfriends

Daniel Radcliffe has described kissing Paul Zano in new movie Swiss Army man as “weird” and “incestuous” because the actors have previously starred opposite one another’s girlfriends.

In the surreal comedy-drama, out in US cinemas on July 1, Dano plays a character who is on the verge of killing himself when he sees the corpse of another man – Radcliffe – washed up on the beach.

A little out of his mind, Dano’s Hank befriends the corpse, who is called Manny, which eventually starts talking back, and the two embark on a series of uplifting if somewhat grotesque adventures as they rediscover themselves.

Asked about a scene in which Hank and Manny kiss, Radcliffe told Entertainment Weekly: “There’s also this very weird, incestuous triangle thing that has happened now with my and Paul’s girlfriends. My girlfriend, Erin [Darke], played Paul’s wife in Love & Mercy, and Paul’s girlfriend, Zoe [Kazan], was with me in What If, and now Paul and I have also kissed on screen.”

When it was shown at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, Swiss Army Man created enough of a buzz that hundreds of festival-goers had to be turned away at the door. However, the film’s offbeat humour and gross-out elements caused many to walk out before it ended. A UK release date has yet to be confirmed. Check out the trailer below.