Daniel Radcliffe will star in ‘Now You See Me 2’

Michael Caine reveals 'Harry Potter' actor will play his son

Daniel Radcliffe is set to return to the world of magic on screen in the sequel to the 2013 caper Now You See Me. He will join the stars of the original film, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Michael Caine, Isla Fisher and Dave Franco.

After speaking to Jonathan Ross in an interview during ‘A Night Out with… Michael Caine’ at the Albert Hall on Wednesday (October 1), Caine revealed that Radcliffe will play his son in the sequel.

The actor who played Alfred in The Dark Knight Trilogy told the film website HeyUGuys, “There’s a sequel to Now You See Me and we’re shooting in London. I shoot in December, the whole of December in London, and my son is Harry Potter. I thought it’d be funny, me and Daniel Radcliffe as father and son.”

Now You See Me told the story of four magicians who, as part of their stage act ‘The Four Horsemen’, declare they will rob a bank.

Radcliffe will next appear on screen in the fantasy thriller Horns. The Alexandre Aja directed shocker is released in cinemas October 29. Caine played their millionaire benefactor Arthur Tressler.

Radcliffe’s character Ig Perrish is accused of the violent rape and murder of his girlfriend Merrin Williams (Juno Temple). Following a night of heavy drinking, Ig awakes one morning on the anniversary of her death to find a pair of horns growing from his head. He discovers they have the ability to drive people to confess their sins and give in to selfish impulses. Ig decides to use this tool to discover the circumstances of his girlfriend’s death and to seek revenge by finding the true murderer.

Watch the trailer for Horns below.