Danny Dyer ‘threatens to headbutt film critic Mark Kermode’

'Football Factory' star hasn't taken kindly to BBC Radio 5 Live movie critic's parodies

Danny Dyer has claimed he would “probably” headbutt Mark Kermode if he ever met him after failing to see the funny side of the film critic’s on-air impersonations.

The Football Factory star claimed that the BBC Radio 5 Live broadcaster’s impressions of him are inaccurate – you can judge for yourself by scrolling down and clicking below.

Speaking to PureMovies.co.uk, Dyer suggested that there “won’t be no talking” if he ever crosses paths with Kermode.

“It’ll probably just be a headbutt straight to the fucking nose, and then he can go off and do his impressions with a broken nose. That’d be good, wouldn’t it?” Dyer commented.

He added that Kermode‘s perception of him is “very odd” considering the serious roles he’s taken on throughout his career.

“I think he does tend to forget that I’ve done Pinter and stuff like that. I don’t think he takes me seriously as an actor,” Dyer said, referencing his stints in Harold Pinter plays Celebration and No Man’s Land earlier in his career.

Dyer‘s latest film role is in war drama Age Of Heroes, which was released in the UK earlier this month.