Danny Dyer to star as professional hitman in new British action film

It's the second new role Dyer's landed this week after he signed up to star in 'Hollyoaks Later'

Danny Dyer is to star in a new British action film called Assassin.

He’ll play a professional hitman who finds himself compromised when he’s hired to murder the estranged father of the woman he’s fallen for, THR reports.

Assassin will be Dyer’s second collaboration with writer-director JK Amalou, who also helmed the actor’s 2012 vehicle Deviation. Shooting is due to begin in August.

Producer Stephen Sothcott, who’s also produced Dyer’s upcoming film Vendetta, told The Hollywood Reporter: “JK [Amalou] has written a brilliantly slick script and I cannot wait to start work with him, he’s a force of nature of a filmmaker. I look forward to continuing building the new Danny Dyer brand with Assassin and Vendetta.”

Vendetta stars Dyer as a special ops interrogation officer on the hunt for the gang that killed his parents. It’s likely to be released in cinemas towards the end of this year (2013) and you can watch the trailer at the bottom of this article.

Meanwhile, it’s just been announced that Dyer will star in the next series of Hollyoaks Later, which is set in Spain, as a ruthless ex-pat known as “The White Man”.