‘Dark Knight’ director Christopher Nolan: ‘I don’t have a mobile phone or email address’

Film-maker says he 'couldn't be bothered' with email and 'really likes' not having a mobile

Director Christopher Nolan has revealed that he doesn’t have a mobile phone or an email address.

Although Nolan is famed for making special effects-laden blockbusters including The Dark Knight trilogy of Batman films and last year’s Interstellar starring Matthew McConaughey, the 44-year-old shuns the most basic modern technology in his personal life.

“Well, I’ve never used email because I don’t find it would help me with anything I’m doing. I just couldn’t be bothered about it,” Nolan told The Hollywood Reporter.

Discussing his lack of a mobile phone – or “cellphone” in US parlance – Nolan explained: “I’m never [more than] two feet from a cellphone. I mean, we’ll be on a scout with 10 people and all of them have phones, so it’s very easy to get in touch with me when people need to. When I started in this business, not many people had cellphones, I didn’t have one, I never bothered to get one and I’ve been very fortunate to be working continuously, so there’s always someone around me who can tap me on the shoulder and hand me a phone if they need to.”

“I actually really like not having one because it gives me time to think,” Nolan continued. “You know, when you have a smartphone and you have 10 minutes to spare, you go on it and you start looking at stuff.”

Since its release in November, Nolan’s Interstellar has taken over $650 million (£425 million) at the box office worldwide. It became the 10th highest-grossing film of last year.