‘Dark Knight Rises’ movie trailer revealed to be a hoax

Is this the first taste of new 'Batman' film? Er, no

A teaser trailer for the latest Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, has hit the internet, but with many fans questioning its validity.

The trailer shows the Motion Picture Association of America certification, followed by the real company logos and then enticing text which reveals, “The storm is coming to Gotham”.

The scrawl is followed by bats flying over a blood red sky, as lightning illuminates the city.

Check it out below:

But after less than a day, fans including PrettyMuchIt, have uncovered where the trailer falls short of authenticity.

First up the MPAA rating that precedes all trailers has had an update recently, which the new trailer would have, if it were legitimate.

The companies logo’s – Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures – have been grabbed straight from a Clash of the Titans trailer.

As for the, admittedly impressive, ‘bats in a storm’, these are evidently nothing more than a few shots of a BBC documentary featuring fruitbats.

The Dark Knight Rises is due for UK release on July 20.