‘Dark Knight Rises’ soundtrack is rock’n’roll, says composer

Hans Zimmer says the film's music was inspired by Can and Goldfrapp

Composer Hans Zimmer has insisted that his soundtrack for The Dark Knight Rises is more “rock’n’roll” than most film music.

In an interview with NME, the German Oscar-winner revealed that his score for the new Batman movie was inspired by a surprisingly diverse range of artists. He explained: “I suppose Can was an influence, and in a weird way Goldfrapp, and Bach. It’s got much more of a rock’n’roll spine than film music normally does.”

Zimmer also insisted that his soundtrack is less “minimalist” than some fans claim, pointing to Tom Hardy‘s hulking Bane character as an inspiration for its bombastic moments. He explained: “People say ‘minimalism’ but it isn’t really – there are all these huge gestures. Bane just crashes into that world and it gave me a huge opportunity to do something completely reckless.”

Recalling how the villainous Bane encouraged his extravagant side, Zimmer confessed: “I went to Warner Bros – they were very nice about it – and said ‘I have this idea – can I get a huge orchestra and try this thing out… and if it doesn’t work, will you be so kind as to not mention that I just blew half the music budget’.

Zimmer’s soundtrack to The Dark Knight Rises is available now to download or buy on CD. The film opened last Friday (July 20) and has already taken more than $300 million (£191m) worldwide.