David Bowie inspired his son’s new film ‘Mute’

Film arrives on Netflix next week (February 23)

Mute, the new movie from David Bowie‘s filmmaker son Duncan Jones, was influenced by his relationship with his father, he says.

A science-fiction thriller is set in a futuristic Berlin and draws on themes of parenthood, stars Alexander Skarsgard and arrives on Netflix next week (February 23).

“You know I think there’s a lot of subtext in Mute that I’ll become more aware of as time wears on,” Jones told The Times. “An awful lot of the story revolves around the nature of parenthood. What makes a good parent?”

Jones revealed that he wrote a draft of the script and showed it to his father 15 years ago. He decided to return to it “because there was too much personal stuff in there”.

David Bowie

David Bowie

The film also pays homage to Bowie by using paintings the star made while living in Berlin in the ’70s.

“It’s not a coincidence that [the film is] set in Berlin,” Skarsgard told The Times. “You can tell Duncan is very excited to be back here.”

Jones also recalled advice his father gave him “about putting yourself a little bit deeper in the water than where you can reach [the bottom with] your toes.”

“That’s what I did with Mute,” he explained. “I made a film which was a little bit uncomfortable and unexpected, and darker than people might be expecting. I was nervous making it. But nervous in a good way.”