David Bowie’s son shares anger at Donald Trump for using his father’s music at rallies

“Pretty sure he’s just doing that now to wind me up”

Duncan Jones, son of Angie and David Bowie, has shared his frustration at former President Donald Trump for playing his father’s music at campaign events.

Last week (November 15), Trump announced he’s running for president in 2024 at the Mar-a-Lago hotel in Florida, where his exit music from the stage was ‘Heroes’ by Bowie. It was a track he’d previously used during his first bid for the White House back in 2016.

After Twitter users highlighted the track’s use to Jones, he replied: “We’ve been though this before. He used the same track 6 years ago. Ive been told there is little we can do about it [sic].”


In another response, the Moon director added: “Pretty sure he’s just doing that now to wind me up.”

Announcing his third bid for the White House, Trump said: “Those watching are the heart and soul of this incredible movement in the history of the world. America’s comeback starts right now.”

His presidential bid comes after some fellow Republicans blamed him for the party’s lacklustre performance in the midterm elections, with Trump’s advisers reportedly urging him to delay the announcement of his 2024 candidacy.

Recently, Trump was reinstated on Twitter after Elon Musk ran an online poll asking whether the former president should be allowed back on the platform. He was previously removed in January last year after the US Capitol riots.


“The people have spoken. Trump will be reinstated,” Musk wrote, after 51.8 per cent voted yes. “Vox Populii, Vox Dei (the voice of the people is the voice of God).”