David Cronenberg hails ‘fantastic’ Robert Pattinson

The 'Twilight' star is taking the lead in his new film 'Cosmopolis'

David Cronenberg has heaped praise onto Robert Pattinson‘s performance in his new film Cosmopolis.

The Twilight actor is making a stylistic leap for his next project, taking the lead in the cult director’s new project. And Cronenberg has now hailed him as “fantastic”.

He told MTV News: “This is an unusual jump for him. He said it himself. It’s scary. It’s a scary thing because he’s never really had to carry a movie quite that way before, totally on his own. He’s in every scene. He’s almost in every shot, so scary for him, but as an actor, scary is good. You don’t want to be bored. You don’t want to be too confident.

Really, he’s fantastic. He’s sensational. Really, I’m telling you. He’s a great actor. It’s obvious in the movie. It’s not like maybe yes, maybe no. It’s obvious.

Cronenberg went on to discuss the process of casting: “You start with the basics. How old is he? What does he look like? Is the character very nerdy? Is he handsome and devilish? Is he an intellectual? You think about all these things and you think about the actors who could possibly project the things that you need from this character. Ultimately, I felt he was the guy. Once again, intuition.”

Cosmopolis co-stars Marion Cotillard, Colin Farrell and Jay Baruchel. You can watch Robert Pattinson in the trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 below.