David Spade responds to the Kurt Cobain meme that has been confusing the internet

"I blame that crazy internet".

David Spade has responded to a graffiti mural of Kurt Cobain that bears a deliberate resemblance to the American comedian.

The mural was painted in Austria by graffiti artist Lushsux and features an image of Spade’s face next to the now immortal quote from Neil Young that was contained in Cobain’s 1994 suicide note.

“It’s better to burn out than fade away”, the quote reads.


The irreverent image and deliberate mistake is typical of Lushsux’s style, with previous works seeing him taking influence from internet memes, but it’s still left a lot of people confused.

“Where is this??? I’m so confused – Cobain quote with David Spade mural???”, one user wrote.

Now, Spade has shared the photo himself, although he seemed pretty confused too.

“Everyone is sending me this”, he wrote alongside the original photo.

“Picture that was on mural. Why’s it on it who knows. Oh well I blame that crazy internet”, he added in a follow up tweet.


My god…. Kurt Cobain is alive and tweeting under the pseudonym; “David Spade”, one fan replied.

Another said: “Why do people keep sending you a painting of Ellen DeGeneres?”

Lushsux is yet to give an official explanation for his David Spade mural, but you can find all of his work here.