DC unveils Green Lantern as gay superhero

Batman and Superman's pal will be reinvented in 'New 52' storyline

DC Comics have revealed that their new gay superhero is Green Lantern.

The character, one of the Justice League along with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, has been revealed as the long-teased gay character within the rebooted DC universe under the banner The New 52. He will be a new version of the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott.

Writer James Robinson told New York Post: “He’s very much the character he was. He’s still the pinnacle of bravery and idealism. He’s also gay.”

Of the decision to change the character’s orientation, Scott explained the rebooting of the DC universe, with Scott and younger, up-to-date version of his Golden Age counterpart. “The only downside of his being young was we lose his son, Obsidian, who’s gay. So I thought, ‘Why not make Alan Scott gay?'” His superiors “signed off on it without hesitation”.

Robinson said that Scott’s sexuality will not be his defining characteristic, which will remain his determination to protect the Earth. And there will be no coming out storyline. He said: “He’s gay when we see him in issue two. He’s fearless and he’s honest to the point where he realised he was gay and he said ‘I’m gay’.”

The writer told USA Today that he will be a positive gay role model: “He’s someone you would want to watch over your children. Presenting that kind of heroic role model in a positive light for people will be a good thing and help to show gays in a positive light for people who might be a little more small-minded.”

He was likely referencing vociferously anti-gay group One Million Moms, who pre-empted DC’s announcement with their statement: “Why do adult gay men need comic superheroes as role models? They want to indoctrinate impressionable young minds by placing these gay characters on pedestals in a positive light. These companies are heavily influencing our youth by using children’s superheroes to desensitise and brainwash them into thinking that a gay lifestyle choice is normal and desirable.”

Last year, Green Lantern made it to the big screen, with Ryan Reynolds playing a subsequent incarnation, Hal Jordan. You can watch the trailer below.