The new Deadpool movie will feature an LGBTQ+ character

Did you spot them in the trailer?

The new Deadpool movie will feature an LGBTQ+ character, it has been confirmed.

Shatterstar, who appears in the X-Force Marvel comics, will make his big screen debut in Deadpool 2 alongside Ryan Reynolds and Stefan Kapičić.

Shatterstar has been a rumoured character for Deadpool 2 since the trailer dropped last week, when he appeared momentarily behind Reynolds and Terry Crews in an aircraft hanger.


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Kapičić, who plays Colossus in Deadpool, told Inverse: “That’s not CGI of Terry Crews, that is Terry Crews. You can see it clearly. You can see behind him, Shatterstar, a really cool thing for people to geek out.”

Shatterstar is a genetic mutant trained in martial arts, with the ability to generate powerful vibratory shock waves.

In the Marvel Comics series, he is presented as both bisexual and polyamorous, sharing a male-male kiss with X-Men human mutant Rictor. 

When the kiss between Rictor and Shatterstar was published, it became the first on-panel kiss between two mainstream male superheroes in Marvel’s comic book history.


Deadpool 2 will also see the introduction of new characters Cable, Domino, and Black Tom Cassidy. David Leitch will direct.

Deadpool 2 will be released in cinemas May 18 2018.