Deadpool 2’s controversial ‘Baby Hitler’ scene has emerged online

It's not as controversial as you may think....

A controversial scene from Deadpool 2 that sees the masked mercenary meeting an infant Adolf Hitler has emerged online, after it was cut from the film’s final release.

After being cut from cinemas, the mid-credits sequence was included in the film’s recent US home release and it’s since been posted online in two separate clips.

But while it may have been proved too hot for theatres, the sequence is actually a lot tamer and more reasoned that you’d perhaps expect.

The first part sees Wade Wilson walking up to baby Hitler’s cot – where he’s seen mulling over the moral implications of strangling the infant to save the world.

The second section ultimately reveals that he hasn’t gone the nerve, and he instead confirms that he’ll leave the baby killing to Josh Brolin’s Cable – who tried to kill a child before.

It’s been included as part of the film’s Super Duper cut, which also includes an extended sequence of Deadpool facing off against Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

Meanwhile, it was recently claimed that Marvel are reportedly responsible for FX’s Deadpool series being pulled. Donald and Stephen Glover were set to write, executive produce and serve as show runners on an “animated adult action-comedy series” based on the Deadpool comics.

However, in March, the network released a statement announcing the series was not moving forward, citing “creative differences” as the reason for the project being pulled. FX boss John Landgraf then said that Marvel “didn’t want to do the show that Donald and Stephen wrote.”