‘Death Star running costs’ revealed

The costs of powering and running the iconic ‘Death Star’ from Star Wars have been revealed – coming it at a staggering £6.2 Octillion per day. See the full breakdown below.

As anticipation continues to grow the upcoming Rogue One and Episode 8 movies from the legendary sci-fi franchise, Ovo Energy created the below infographic for Mental Floss – breaking down the daily energy use and expense of running Darth Vader’s massive space craft of The Empire, breaking it down into costs of jumping into hyperspace, shooting and recharging the laser, keeping the lights on, feeding the crew, doing the laundry, recycling and more.

In total, it would cost a massive £6.2 Octillion per day to run the Death Star – that’s 30 trillion times more than all of money on Earth. Maybe they have that much cash in a Galaxy far, far away.

Death Star running costs

OVO Energy

The latest trailer for Rogue One was the most exciting yet – showing yet more footage of Lord Vader. The film is set for release on 15 December.