Depp’s ‘The Lone Ranger’ gets green light after budget reduction

Disney finally give long-delayed western the go-ahead

Johnny Depp‘s remake of The Lone Ranger has finally been given the go-ahead by Disney after a major budget reduction.

The big-screen remake of the classic western TV show has long been in the works, with Depp’s casting as sidekick Tonto the only certainty.

It was recently canned by Disney as budgets spiralled out of control. But now, the film has had the green light after its prospected costs were reduced from $275 million (£174 million) to $215 million (£136 million).

Depp’s Pirates Of The Caribbean collaborator Gore Verbinski will direct, with Armie Hammer playing the title role. All involved are understood to have slashed their fees, according to Deadline.

Production on The Lone Ranger will begin in New Mexico next year. The planned release date of December 2012 has been scrapped.

You can watch a scene of Depp in Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides by clicking below.