More details emerge about the ‘Escape From New York’ remake

We have a writer and an executive producer...

It has been reported that Leigh Whannell is set to write the screenplay for the upcoming Escape From New York remake.

The seminal, John Carpenter-directed, 1981 sci-fi classic starred Russell as ex-soldier turned federal prisoner Snake Plissken – given 24 hours to save the captured President from prisoners in a dystopian future. Back in 2017, it was confirmed that the highly influential film was being re-made.

Now, The Hollywood Reporter claim that the Saw and Insidious writer Whannell will pen the project, with Carpenter returning as an executive producer.

It is also claimed that the “door is open” for Whannell to direct as well, with him said to have “a new vision for the project” that “will retain elements of the original but bring new ideas to the table.”

Speaking to NME about the remake, original lead Kurt Russell said: “Escape From New York, Big Trouble In Little China, Overboard – they’ve already done some. Nothing is sacred.

“You just have to try to hopefully find a way to make a movie where it makes sense why you did a remake – that’s all.”

Meanwhile, John Carpenter recently confirmed that he will return to score next Halloween sequel.