‘Die Hard 5’ finally gets a director

John Moore chosen to helm next John McClane outing

After a lengthy search, a director has finally been chosen to shoot the latest Die Hard movie.

As reported by Deadline, 20th Century Fox is currently in final negotiations to get John Moore, director of Max Payne and the remake of The Omen, on board to helm.

The long wait for a director has meant names ranging from Fast Five‘s Justin Lin to Attack The Block‘s Joe Cornish had all been rumoured for consideration at some stage.

Die Hard 5 was originally thought to have a director confirmed in the form of Noam Murro, but the filmmaker left to direct 300 sequel Battle Of Artemisia.

The reason for such a long pre-production search is believed by the insider website to be that star Bruce Willis was very hands on with deciding who would ultimately direct. It was only when 20th Century Fox and Willis agreed that John Moore was offered the gig.

The fifth outing for John McClane is said to see the New York cop in Russia with his son tagging along for the ride.

The last time Bruce Willis put on the iconic vest was in 2007, for Die Hard 4.0, aka Live Free Or Die Hard. It pulled in a worldwide haul of $383m from an estimated budget of $110m.

Die Hard 5 is tentatively scheduled for a 2012 release.