The debate is over! Cassetteboy prove that ‘Die Hard’ is a Christmas film

Watch ‘12 Day of Christmas - As Told by Die Hard’

Cassetteboy have released their latest mash-up video, celebrating the 30th anniversary of iconic action movie Die Hard and proving it is a Christmas film after all.

The comedy duo, who describe their process as ‘mixing pop hits with people off the telly,’ are known for creating satirical, social commentary through their creations.

This time they’ve turned their attention to the 1988 Bruce Willis movie, focusing on the long-standing debate of whether the events at Nakatomi Plaza on Christmas Eve mean the film should be considered a festive classic.


In 12 Day of Christmas – As Told by Die Hard, the team have re-edited clips to fit with the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ jingle, proving the film is a festive flick – thanks to evidence found in the script. Watch it below.

Bruce Willis has long denied its Christmas spirit, admitting that “Die Hard is not a Christmas movie,” back in July 2018.

Last Christmas, a survey conducted by Morning Consult and The Hollywood Reporter sided with Willis’ comments, with only 25 percent of American adults polled considering Die Hard to be a Christmas movie. 62 percent rubbished the idea. An altogether smaller group of 13 percent had no opinion whatsoever on the subject.

However, the screenwriter of Die Hard thinks that the film is a Christmas movie. Steven E. de Souza weighed into the debate on Twitter, giving their take on the age-old question. Responding to a fan who had listed its festive components and asked “how could it not be a Christmas movie?”, de Souza added: “Plus a woman about to give birth features prominently.”


He added the hashtag #DieHardIsAChristmasMovie to another tweet.

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