‘Die Hard’ director attacks comic book movies like ‘Captain America’: ‘They’re made by fascists’

'Comics make heroes for businesses,' argues veteran film-maker John McTiernan

John McTiernan, the director of Die Hard, Predator and The Thomas Crown Affair, has shared some very strong views on comic book movies like Captain America.

The veteran film-maker said in an interview with a French publication translated into English by Den of Geek! that he cannot watch most Hollywood movies now “for political reasons”, adding: “I”m annoyed the second they start.”

Captain America, I’m not joking…” McTiernan continued. “The cult of American hyper-masculinity is one of the worst things to have happened to the world during the last 50 years. Hundreds of thousands of people have died because of this idiotic delusion. So how is it possible to watch a film called Captain America?!”

After lamenting the number of comic book movies being made by major studios, McTiernan said: “There’s action but no human beings, they’re films made by fascists. They’re making all the kids in the world think that they’ll never be important enough to have a film made about their life.”

“And it’s a unique moment in the history of cinema, it didn’t used to be like this,” he continued. “A kid used to be able to learn how a man or a woman should act by watching films. Morals. Comics make heroes for businesses.”