Director Bryan Singer nervous of fairy-tale revival

He says 'Jack The Giant Killer' was not intended as part of a craze

Bryan Singer has denied that his new project Jack The Giant Killer was intended as part of a fairy-tale revival in Hollywood.

The X-Men director has just started work on his new project starring Nicholas Hoult, at the same time as two Snow White movies are in production and a Sleeping Beauty film is apparently planned.

But Singer told IGN that he had been developing the project for years. He said: “I was involved with this over two-and-a-half years ago or even longer. I was flirting with it almost three years ago.”

Tim Burton‘s Alice In Wonderland is credited with the new fairy-tale trend, which Singer said was “cool”. But he also claimed it may have prevented him from going forward had he seen it coming.


He said: “That’s cool, it’s a renaissance of those kind of movies and it’s cool. I’m happy to be a part of two renaissances, the comic book renaissance and now this one. But it wasn’t intentional. In fact, I probably would have been shy about jumping into a fairytale movie with all of the projects out there now. I might actually have backed away from it.”

Jack The Giant Killer is due for release next summer.