Director David Fincher opens up about working on ‘World War Z’ sequel

"A lot of stones have been laid"

Director and executive producer of ‘Mindhunter‘ David Fincher has spoken out about directing the forthcoming ‘World War Z’ sequel.

The movie based on Max Brooks’ famous novel was released in 2013 and starred Brad Pitt. The movie was enough of a commercial and critical success to warrant a sequel which was originally to be directed by Marc Forster but has now been handed to Fincher.

Very little is known about the ‘World War Z’ sequel beside knowing that Brad Pitt will reprise the role as retired UN worker Gerry Lane, reports Digital Spy.

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Fincher has spoken about the project to Little White Lies, saying: “We’re trying [to make it happen], a lot of stones have been laid”.

He continued: “We’re just deconstructing it right now against the mythology that exists to see where we can go”.

Watch the trailer for ‘World War Z’ below.

The sequel was previously scheduled to hit cinemas in June 2017 but the studio is now expected to delay its release.

Hopefully Fincher’s film will escape the development hell the original was stuck in. The rights to the novel was optioned in 2007 and took until 2013 for the film to be made while writer’s wrestled with multiple script changes.