Director Sam Mendes speaks out about ‘Skyfall’

Filmmaker said he wanted to make movie which 'hardcore geeks' of 007 franchise would appreciate

Director Sam Mendes has lifted the lid on his forthcoming James Bond film Skyfall and has promised that “hardcore geeks” will appreciate the flick.

In an interview with Total Film, the filmmaker revealed that he had been eager to satisfy hardened fans of the 007 franchise by delivering a movie which referenced many of the iconic tropes people have come to associate with the famous secret agent.

He hinted:

There are definite echoes of other Bond movies – the Aston Martin DB5, the return of Q – and there are some that only the hardcore geeks will get! I hope they want to go on this adventure.

Speaking about his fondness for the franchise and his aspirations for the film, meanwhile, he added: “I wanted to make a great Bond movie… A great movie, full stop. I wanted to go back in tone, back to Ian Fleming. I didn’t want to make a movie in reaction to the last two movies. I wanted to make what I want to see when I see a Bond movie.”

Skyfall opens in the UK on October 26. The new movie’s release marks the 50th anniversary of the Bond series. Sean Connery kicked off the franchise in 1962, playing Ian Fleming’s British secret agent in Dr No. You can watch the trailer for the film below.