Disney reportedly in talks to buy majority of 21st Century Fox assets

The potentially huge deal has drawn big interest across the industry, with 'Deadpool' star Ryan Reynolds just one interested onlooker

Disney have reportedly been in talks to buy a significant portion of 21st Century Fox‘s assets.

The potentially huge deal could see Disney acquiring an array of some of Fox’s most successful movie and TV franchises, including X-Men, Avatar and The Simpsons.

As reported by CNBC, preliminary terms had agreed that Disney would acquire 21st Century Fox’s movie and TV studios, as well as the FX and National Geographic networks. The deal would also see Disney acquiring a share of the Hulu streaming service.

The deal does not include, however, the Fox News network or its local broadcasting affiliates.

The report stresses that talks are in the very early stages, and that the deal could be affected by the US’s antitrust laws. The two companies are also thought to not be currently in discussion, though talks could resume soon.

Reacting to the report, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds tweeted his thoughts on the potential deal – which could see Disney acquiring the rights to Deadpool should it go through.

Some observers on Twitter also pointed out that a brief visual joke in a 1998 Simpsons episode (When You Dish Upon a Star) appeared to predict Disney’s potential acquisition of 21st Century Fox – adding to the large number of times that the animated sitcom has ‘predicted’ the future.