Disney boss confirms ‘Star Wars’ is now on “a bit of a hiatus”

"The priority in the next few years is television"

Disney is putting the brakes on Star Wars films while it turns attention to the franchise’s spin-off TV shows.

Bog Iger, CEO of Disney, said at a shareholder meeting yesterday (February 4) that the films would be put on a “bit of a hiatus”, allowing focus to turn to the second series of The Mandalorian as well as prequel shows about Rogue One and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

It follows a busy period in which the media giant released a string of Star Wars films including 2016’s Rogue One and 2019’s The Rise of Skywalker, both of which were disappointments at the box office.


Iger said: “The priority [for the franchise] in the next few years is television.”

Disney has several TV projects in the works for its streaming service Disney+, which is launching in the UK and other western European countries in March.

The Mandalorian Episode 3.
‘The Mandalorian’ Episode 3. Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd. / The Hollywood Archive

As reported earlier today, Iger also confirmed that the second series of The Mandalorian will arrive on Disney+ in October for all audiences.

In the meeting it was also revealed that Disney’s new streaming platform has secured 28.6 million paying subscribers, up from the 26 million it notched up before New Year.


Disney is also set to air The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (starring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan as the Avenger alums) on Disney+ August, while Ewan McGregor’s return to Star Wars for an Obi-Wan Kenobi prequel series has been postponed to 2021.

“We just pushed the shoot to the beginning of next year,” McGregor told TheWrap last month.

The actor dismissed previously reported rumours that there were production delays due to differences. “The scripts are really good. I saw 90 per cent of the writing and I really liked it,” he said. “All this bullshit about creative differences and all that stuff is, none of it [is] true.”