Disney and Carrie Fisher’s estate meet to discuss her future role in ‘Star Wars’

Plus two rumoured scenes from 'Episode VIII' are revealed

Disney and Carrie Fisher‘s estate are in talks to continue her role as Princess Leia in Star Wars through CGI.

According to Newsnight, if Disney gets the go-ahead they will continue to use her character in the same way Peter Cushing was used in Rogue One.

Episode 9 director Colin Treverrow has reportedly met with Lucasfilm and Disney about a massive rewrite, which could also affect Star Wars Episode 8 moving forward.

The story is now apparently going to be rewritten to account for Fisher’s untimely passing unless Disney and the Fisher estate can come to some kind of agreement.

(Spoiler alert) There are reportedly two key scenes that Fisher appears in across both movies, the first of which features a reunion between Leia and her twin brother Luke Skywalker, reports Movieweb.

There is heavily speculation that the reunion between Luke and Leia comes in the final moments of Episode VIII, with that being the final scene. If that is the case, and Leia doesn’t return via CGI, this moment will most likely be cut from the movie because they won’t be able to continue it in the next chapter.

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This scene, or at least part of it, was believed to have already been shot.

The second key scene involves Leia coming face to face with Kylo Ren.

Fisher passed away on December 27 following a cardiac arrest she suffered during a flight on December 23.

Fisher’s death certificate, reportedly listed her cause of death as “cardiac arrest/deferred”.

The L.A. County Coroner’s Office is reportedly planning to carry out more testing to find out what caused the fatal heart attack Fisher suffered during a flight from London to L.A. shortly before Christmas. This testing is understood to include a toxicology report to ascertain whether there were any drugs in Fisher’s system at the time.