Disney CEO says ‘there are no political statements’ in ‘Rogue One’

A writer on the 'Star Wars' spin-off had drawn parallels between it and the US election

Disney CEO Bob Iger has distanced Rogue One: A Star Wars Story from current world politics following an online protest against the movie.

Alt-right protestors called for a boycott of the Star Wars spin-off after one of the film’s writers tweeted alluding to parallels between the sci-fi universe and Donald Trump’s election.

Chris Weitz wrote: “Please note that the Empire is a white supremacist (human) organisation opposed by a multi-cultural group led by brave women”, which provoked protestors to begin using the hashtag #DumpStarWars. Weitz later deleted the tweet and apologised for his comments.


The Hollywood Reporter asked Iger about the situation at the film’s premiere last weekend (December 12). He responded: “I think the whole story has been overblown and, quite frankly, it’s silly.

“I have no reaction to [this] story at all. Frankly, this is a film that the world should enjoy. It is not a film that is, in any way, a political film. There are no political statements in it, at all.”

He continued: “[Rogue One] has one of the greatest and most diverse casts of any film we have ever made and we are very proud of that, and that is not a political statement, at all.”

The film was directed by Gareth Edwards and stars Felicity Jones as rebel fighter Jyn Erso. Diego Luna, Riz Ahmed and Forest Whitaker are also part of the movie, which is a prequel to George Lucas’ 1977 original.