Disney postpones ‘Black Widow’, ‘Eternals’ and more films until 2021

This will be the first year without a Marvel Studios release since 2009

Disney has postponed almost all of its films scheduled for release in 2020 due to the coronavirus crisis.

The changes affect the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s Phase Four slate of movies, with its first title Black Widow having been pushed back from this November until next May. It was initially due to hit cinemas in May 2020.

Eternals, meanwhile, has had its release date moved from February 2021 to the following November. As Fandango‘s Managing Editor Erik Davis notes, this will be the first year without a Marvel Studios movie since 2009.


Other titles to be impacted by the announcement include Deep Water, Death On The Nile, West Side Story and The King’s Man. Elsewhere, an untitled Disney film expected to arrive in July 2021 has now been removed from the schedule, as has one from 20th Century Studios.

Pixar’s next film Soul and the Ryan Reynolds-starring Free Guy, however, remain on Disney’s late 2020 line-up, and are currently due to hit cinemas in November and December respectively.

You can see the full list of postponed films below.


DEATH ON THE NILE (20th) previously dated on 10/23/20 moves to 12/18/20
THE EMPTY MAN (20th) previously dated on 12/4/20 moves to 10/23/20
BLACK WIDOW (Disney) previously dated on 11/6/20 moves to 5/7/21
ETERNALS (Disney) previously dated on 2/12/21 moves to 11/5/21
SHANG CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS (Disney) previously dated on 5/7/21 moves to 7/9/21
UNTITLED DISNEY EVENT FILM (Disney) previously dated on 7/9/21 is removed from schedule
DEEP WATER (20th) previously dated on 11/13/20 moves to 8/13/21
UNTITLED 20TH CENTURY (20th) previously dated on 8/13/21 is removed from schedule
WEST SIDE STORY (20th) previously dated on 12/18/20 moves to 12/10/21
THE KING’S MAN (20th) previously dated on 2/26/21 moves to 2/12/21

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