Disney reveal never before seen ‘Aladdin’ outtakes featuring Robin Williams – watch

Williams played the role of in Genie in 1992 animated film

Disney have revealed a series of outtakes from their 1992 film Aladdin including never before seen Robin Williams moments.

The clips, which can be seen below, were aired on Good Morning America and have been released to coincide with the Blu-Ray release of the film on October 13. Footage of Williams in the vocal booth as he recorded his parts as the character of Genie are among the outtakes.

Speaking about the clips, co-writer and director John Musker talked about the energy that the late Williams put into his performance:


“He was the Genie, he was bigger than life,”Musker said. “We didn’t know if he would do it. And fortunately for us, he did. We were totally walking down the plank. If he said no, we were going to be in big trouble because the whole concept was built around Robin. Fortunately he agreed to do it, and he worked so hard. We would record in four-hour sessions. He would be going four hours straight. We would have practically four hours of recording and by the end he was just drenched. He would have so much energy and so much passion.”

Williams took his own life on August 11, 2014 at the age of 63. The actor was found after hanging himself at his California home. The actor had been suffering from severe depression.

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