‘Doctor Sleep’ director uses Martin Scorsese’s own words to counter Marvel criticism

"Movies are our dreams"

Doctor Sleep director Mike Flanagan has countered Martin Scorsese’s notorious recent comments about Marvel cinema, using the director’s own words against him.

The comments have taken the film industry by storm, with all manner of stars weighing in on both sides of the debate.

Now, in a new interview with CinePop, Flanagan has recalled a previous comment from Scorsese, using it to make an argument against his recent evaluation that Marvel movies are “not cinema”.


The director says he disagrees with Scorsese’s comments, as well as those made by Francis Ford Coppola in response, and says he cried watching Avengers: Endgame.

Justifying his response, he references an old Scorsese quote, in which the director says “movies are our dreams,” and that no one dream is more valid than another. Watch the full interview below.

Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep, a sequel to cult classic The Shining, comes out on October 30 and stars Ewan McGregor.

Last week, a new poster for the film threw back to the original Shining art.


In response to Scorsese and Coppola’s comments on Marvel, Iron Man director Jon Favreau said the pair had “earned the right” to criticise the franchise, while the likes of Taika Waititi and Spider-Man director James Gunn have defended the franchise.

In more responses, Robert Downey Jr said he “respects [Scorsese’s] opinion on the topic, while Friends star Jennifer Aniston says she thinks Marvel is “diminishing” the film industry.


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