Doctor Who fans launch campaign for Sue Perkins to be next Time Lord

'Great British Bake Off' host subject of science fiction website support

Great British Bake Off host, Sue Perkins, is the subject of an online campaign to become the next Time Lord in Doctor Who.

Science fiction website, Scifind, launched the campaign this week and has asked its supporters to use Twitter and other social networks to make their dream become a reality.

A statement on the site reads: “We thought we would start a campaign to make this happen. Scifind knows that Sue is a bit of a fan girl with scifi. When she realised her name was taken for a Block in 2000AD she couldn’t contain herself. We feel we need to give this a little push to happen. We would love to use the power of TWITTER to make this happen.”

Responding to the campaign, Sue Perkins tweeted:

Although every Time Lord who has appeared in the TV series has been male, the BBC licenced a radio story with a female Doctor in 2003. Titled Doctor Who Unbound: Exile, the audio drama featured Arabella Weir as the Doctor.

Doctor Who celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Yesterday (February 12), the BBC announced that they will mark the anniversary with a special 3D episode of the long-running sci-fi drama.