Donald Glover fans have reclaimed the Reddit page r/TheDonald from Trump supporters

Supporters of the US President have seemingly been ousted from the thread by an influx of appreciative posts about Glover

Donald Glover fans have managed to gain control of the Reddit page r/TheDonald from supporters of Donald Trump.

Supporters of the US President did have two major Donald-titled Reddit pages at their disposal, with Trump fans having dominated both the aforementioned r/TheDonald and the more popular r/The_Donald – the latter has over 610,000 subscribers.

However, fans of Glover have managed to infiltrate r/TheDonald this week by flooding the page with memes and posts in support of the Atlanta and Solo: A Star Wars Story star – so much so that the page is now almost entirely filled with posts about Glover, with one calling him ‘The One True Donald’.

According to Dazed, some Trump-supporting users vented their frustration at the influx of Glover-related posts on the page this week, with one asking: “why is don glover all over the the_donald? why aren’t the mods doing anything about it?”

It also appears that the last moderator of the page has vacated their post, with the subhead at the top of the thread reading “Do Whatever you want I don’t care”.

Earlier this week, Glover shared one of his ideas for a Lando Calrissian-themed Star Wars spin-off movie.