Don’t Stop Them Now: The first trailer for Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ biopic is unexpectedly brilliant

Here's our first look at Freddie...

The trailer for Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody is here, and we’re relieved to report that it looks unexpectedly brilliant.

In the first look, we’re given an extended glimpse at Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury – and early indications suggest that he could be the perfect fit.

Although remaining teasingly vague, we see the briefest of glimpses at Queen’s formative years, along with a look at an all-important scene that sees them presenting the titular track for the very first time.


This, of course, marks the biggest chapter so far in Queen’s unexpectedly troubled journey to the big screen, which has been littered with countless departures and bitter infighting about the direction of the project.

It first went off the rails in 2013, when Sacha Baron Cohen departed the iconic role of Freddie Mercury after his “warts and all” approach for the project was rejected by Queen guitarist Brian May.

Three years later, Cohen told Howard Stern that May was “an amazing musician, but not a great movie producer”.

May promptly hit back, accusing Cohen of “mistruths” and labelling him an “arse”.

Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury


“Sacha became an a**e”, he admitted to the Mail on Sunday.

“We had some nice times with Sacha kicking around ideas but he went off and told untruths about what happened.”

It’s believed that the specifics of the plot proved to be a massive point of contention – with May favouring a storyline that would see Mercury dying halfway through, before the remainder of the film focuses on the band’s subsequent resilience.

This all comes before we begin to discuss the struggle of pinning down a director, and how several of Hollywood’s brightest lights departed quicker than a rocket ship on its way to Mars.

The first man in the chair was Les Miserables helmer Tom Hooper, who departed shortly after Cohen in 2013 – only to be replaced by Eddie The Eagle‘s Dexter Fletcher.

Queen’s Brian May clashed with Sacha Baron Cohen

Once more, the creative differences reared their head, and it wasn’t long before Fletcher too departed.

His place was then taken by Bryan Singer, and it seemed like the project was finally on the way to fruition, with Rami Malek onboard to play Mercury after initial talk of Ben Whishaw taking the role.

The cameras began rolling last year, and it wasn’t long before we received our first look – with early photos proving Rami Malek to be an uncanny fit in the role of Mercury.

But in a final twist of fate, Singer was fired last December, with his departure coming at the same time that some pretty unsavoury allegations about his past began to surface.

Enter Dexter Fletcher once more, who would be the man to save the project – and receive the final recognition as the film’s director.

If the first trailer is anything to go by, Fletcher has done a commendable job at capturing the unique journey of the band and the unmistakeable vibe of their late 1970s/mid 80s pomp.

But we’ll have to wait until October 24 to see if it’s the triumph that a Queen biopic desperately deserves to be.

Either way, The Show Must Go On.