Eagle-eyed fan spots chilling Easter Egg in ‘Midsommar’

Ari Aster's latest horror movie was released to critical acclaim earlier this year

An eagle-eyed viewer of acclaimed horror movie Midsommar have spotted a chilling Easter egg in the film.

The film, directed by Ari Aster, follows Dani (Florence Pugh), who attends the Midsommar festival in Sweden after the murder/suicide of her sister and parents.

Dani’s grief plays a large part in the movie as ritualistic murders unfold around her, with her taken in by the Hårga cult.


But, as one viewer has discovered, even when she’s miles away from home in Sweden her family’s deaths are very present in a way you might not notice at first.

Twitter user @danielgaylewis shared a screenshot from the movie showing the Hårgas lifting Dani onto a pedestal, explaining: “you can see her dead sister’s face in the trees with the exhaust tube in her mouth… this shit is in different areas! what the fuck!”

According to Digital Spy, there are other instances of her sister’s face appearing in the Swedish trees throughout the movie too.

In a four-star review, NME said of Midsommar: “Aster’s second movie really is extraordinary filmmaking. A movie that has found something unsaid within the genre to be said. A horror movie that is genuinely horrifying. Does Aster get away with it? And then some.”


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