Ed Norton pays tribute to ‘Fight Club’ co-star Meat Loaf: “He was so funny and gentle”

"To us, he will always be Bob"

Ed Norton has taken to social media to pay tribute to his Fight Club co-star Meat Loaf, who passed away aged 74 earlier this week.

Sharing a still from 1999’s Fight Club where his character of the unnamed narrator is embraced by Robert Paulson (played by Meat Loaf), Norton wrote: “I don’t keep pictures from films around home. But I have this one in my office in a frame because it makes me smile every time.

“It’s engraved ‘Love and Hugs, Meat’. It sums him up well. He was so funny. And gentle. And warm to everyone. A sweet soul. RIP Meat Loaf.”

He continued: “To us he will always be ‘Bob’. Those were some wonderful months of laughter & irreverence. The hardest thing about working w/ Meat was getting through any of these ridiculous moments without cracking up. Him lying on the table playing dead then belting out Zeppelin. Good times.”

In a 2016 interview, Meat Loaf revealed that he helped director David Fincher with editing the film.

“I hardly spent any time in my trailer for almost 10 months. I sat next to David the entire time,” Meat Loaf said on the AV Podcast. “Well, not next to him – I would have driven him crazy – but close, like behind him, so I could see what was going on and what he was seeing.

“It got to the point, about four or five months into filming, that we’d break for lunch, and Fincher would call me into his trailer and say, ‘I want you to help me pick which one I should use.”

“His average take was 44, so we’d sit there and watch 40 takes, and he’d go, ‘Which one did you like the best,’ and I’d say something like, ‘Well, it’s either 24 or 26,’ and he’d say, ‘I agree with you, 26.'”

Meat Loaf passed away on Thursday evening (January 20). Following his death, there’s been an outpouring of tributes on social media.

Fellow theatrical rocker Alice Cooper honoured Meat Loaf as “one of the greatest voices in Rock N Roll”, while Boy George said: “R.I.P Meatloaf. Love and prayers to all his family and close friends. He once turned me upside down in a Chinese Restaurant in St Johns Wood.”

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