Ed Sheeran cut from the new Beatles film, ‘Eight Days A Week’, at the last minute

"Ron [Howard, director] had to be ruthless, but Ed will be gutted," a source has said

Ed Sheeran was among a host of names to be cut from the new Beatles film, Eight Days A Week – The Touring Years, at the last minute.

Oscar-winning director Ron Howard is behind the new documentary, which charts the Fab Four’s touring years from 1962-1966 and includes interviews from the two surviving Beatles – who’ve revealed that they’ve yet to see the new film – as well as a number of other notable talking heads, including Whoopi Goldberg, Richard Curtis and Elvis Costello.

However, Howard has had to lose a number of interviewees for the final cut of Eight Days A Week, with an interview with Ed Sheeran being among the chief casualties. As reported by The Sun, Sheeran spoke candidly about his love for The Beatles in his interview, but his contribution to the film was ultimately left on the cutting room floor.


“Ed had recorded a segment for the film, but it failed to make the final cut along with a load of other talking heads by Ron who wanted to make more time for The Beatles themselves,” a source told the newspaper. “Ron had to be ruthless, but Ed will be gutted. He’s crazy about The Beatles and has grown really close to Paul over the past couple of years, even introducing him to his dad.”

Eight Days A Week enjoyed its release in the UK on Friday (September 15). Watch the trailer below.

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