Eddie Murphy said no to impersonating Bill Cosby in ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketch

Murphy was apparently reluctant to 'kick a man when he is down'

Eddie Murphy turned down an offer to impersonate troubled comedian Bill Cosby on Saturday Night Live‘s 40th anniversary special, former cast member Norm Macdonald has revealed.

Murphy was asked to play Cosby – who is currently facing multiple allegations of sexual assault – in the show’s popular ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’ segment, but after an hour of discussions, eventually decided not to take part in the sketch. Current Saturday Night Live star Kenan Thompson portrayed Cosby in the skit instead.

Macdonald, one of many former Saturday Night Live cast members to return for the anniversary special, revealed all during a series of tweets last night (February 18), explaining that Murphy was reluctant to “kick a man when he is down”.



Murphy was a Saturday Night Live cast member between 1982 and 1984 and is considered one of the iconic sketch show’s all-time greats. He returned to the show during this weekend’s 40th anniversary special for a brief speech following a tribute by Chris Rock, but did not take part in any sketches.