Eddie Murphy to return in new ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ movie

And screenwriting duo behind 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' have been hired to write script

Eddie Murphy is set to return as Axel Foley in a new Beverly Hills Cop movie.

According to Deadline, Paramount Pictures is “moving fast” on the project and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol screenwriters Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec have been hired to write the script.

The third and most recent Beverly Hills Cop film came out nearly two decades ago but Deadline reports that Paramount’s interest in the franchise was revived by the pilot episode for a spin-off TV series. Although the series has now been canned, Murphy’s “scene-stealing turn” as Foley is said to have convinced the studio that the character is still “potent”.

This tallies with comments made on Twitter recently by Shawn Ryan, who teamed up with Murphy to devise the ill-fated TV series. “Good news for fans of franchise is that the pilot tested so well, it has caused Paramount to put another #BHC movie into development,” he tweeted on July 20.

Murphy first played Axel Foley, a wise-cracking cop transferred from Detroit to one of LA’s glitziest neighbourhoods, in 1984’s Beverly Hills Cop and reprised his popular roles for sequels in 1987 and 1994. The failed TV show would have been centred on Axel’s son Aaron, played by Brandon T Jackson, with Murphy making the odd guest appearance as the series went on.