Edgar Wright explains why he’s never watched ‘Ant-Man’

He initially left the film over 'creative differences'.

Edgar Wright has explained why he’s never seen Ant-Man, after the film director previously departed the Marvel movie over ‘creative differences’.

The film, which stars Paul Rudd as the titular hero, was originally due to be directed by Wright, before he left the production in May 2014, replaced by Peyton Reed ahead of its eventual release in 2015.

Despite receiving writing credits on the movie, Wright has now confirmed that he’s never seen Ant-Man – and says he has no intentions to watch it either.

“I haven’t seen it and I haven’t even seen the trailer”, he told Uproxx.

“It would kind of be like asking me ‘Do you want to watch your ex-girlfriend have sex?’ Like, no I’m good.’

However, he once came very close after he noticed someone watching it on a flight.

“The closest I came to it was that somebody sitting near me on a flight was watching it. And when I saw that the person sitting next to me was going to watch the movie, I thought, hmm, maybe I’m going to do some work on my laptop”, he said.

“I don’t think they knew who I was. They were just watching it. That was the closest I came to seeing it.”

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