Emily Blunt in the running for Johnny Depp’s new sci-fi film ‘Transcendence’

But she faces competition from Rooney Mara and Rebecca Hall...

Emily Blunt is reportedly in contention to play the female lead in Transcendence, an upcoming sci-fi film starring Johnny Depp.

Transcendence will be the first film directed by longtime Christopher Nolan collaborator Wally Pfister. Pfister won an Academy Award for Best Cinematography for his work on 2010’s Inception, while his impressive CV also includes credits on Nolan’s Batman trilogy and The Prestige.

Back in October (2012), it was reported that Johnny Depp had signed up to star in the film – a rumour which has now been confirmed. Depp will play a scientist whose brain is uploaded into a super-computer after his death by a female scientist called Evelyn.

According to Deadline, Blunt is one of three actresses in contention for the Evelyn role. She faces competition from Rooney Mara, star of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and Rebecca Hall, who will soon be seen in Iron Man 3. Blunt’s busy filming schedule could apparently count her out, but a final casting decision is due to be made tomorrow (December 14).

Meanwhile, it has also been reported that Pfister has a part in mind for Christian Bale, which would make the project something of a Batman reunion, as Christopher Nolan is already on board as executive producer. Shooting is due to begin on March 4 next year (2013).