Emily Blunt says acquiring American citizenship was ‘bittersweet’ and ‘mainly for tax reasons’

British-born actress admits, 'I didn't want to renounce my Queen.'

Emily Blunt has revealed that becoming an American citizen felt “bittersweet” and was a decision made “mainly for tax reasons”.

The British-born actress, who is married to American actor John Krasinski, was sworn in as an American citizen in August and now holds dual citizenship.

During a recent interview, she caused controversy by joking that a recent debate between prospective Republican Presidential candidates had made her question her decision to become a naturalised American, saying: “We watched the Republican debate and I thought, ‘This was a terrible mistake. What have I done?'”

Blunt has since apologised for what she described as an “offhand joke”, and has now opened up further about the experience of acquiring US citizenship.

“It’s mainly for tax reasons,” she told the Sunday Times. “I didn’t want to renounce my Queen.”

“You have to learn all about the constitution. You can’t be a habitual drunk, you can’t be on a guerrilla squad and you can’t be a prostitute, which is a shame,” the actress said of the naturalisation process. “But I felt quite sad, actually. Having to be sworn into a country that wasn’t mine. I know at the core of it I haven’t given up anything, but it was sort of bittersweet. It was odd.”

Blunt’s next film, crime thriller Sicario, opens in the US today and in UK cinemas on Wednesday. Watch the trailer below.