Emma Stone opens up about anxiety and panic attacks

'La La Land' star speaks in new interview

Emma Stone has opened up in a new interview about suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.

Stone is up for Best Actress at the 2017 Oscars for her role in La La Land, which has notched up a record-equalling 14 nominations in total.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Stone has spoken about suffering from anxiety from a young age and how acting has helped her overcome it. “It’s just the way I’m wired,” she says. “I think my parents saw that acting was the thing that made me fulfilled and happy.”

Stone also revealed that she relocated from Hollywood to New York in 2009 because of the stress induced by the city. “I started to feel overwhelmed by the energy of Hollywood,” she explains. “I would go places, and all anybody could talk about was the entertainment industry. I just felt too surrounded by that.”

“Losing my anonymity after [2010 teen comedy] Easy A, it was like being 7 years old all over again,” she says. “It terrified me.”

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Stone also reveals that she suffered something of a “meltdown” in 2014 while filming Birdman. “The tightrope walk of that movie, the pacing and timing — I lost my mind a bit. I just got to a point where I snapped.”

Speaking to the process is also an anxiety trigger, she says. “Before any interview, I have to sit with myself for five minutes and breathe and get centred because I get so nervous. Interviews are kind of like therapy, except all your answers are being written down and printed. I always want to be on the other side of it. I don’t want to be deconstructed for millions. I’d rather do the deconstructing.”

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The 2017 Oscars will take place on February 22 at the The Kodak Theatre, Los Angeles at 7 o’clock EST and 4pm PT. Jimmy Kimmel will be the host for the evening.