Emma Watson responds to ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ rumours: ‘Like really’

Actress takes to Twitter to end speculation once and for all

Emma Watson has used Twitter to end the persistent rumours linking her to the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie.

Last summer (2012), Watson denied she was in talks to play the female lead, but speculation has continued anyway. Rumours swelled up again last week, when hacking collective Anonymous claimed to have obtained a studio document stating that Watson is attached to star in the film.

However, Watson’s latest series of tweets seems designed to silence these rumours once and for all. The actress posted on Saturday (March 16):

Watson’s follow-up tweet contained nothing but a pointed exclamation mark. She then left the social networking site for 15 hours before returning to post: “Good. Well that’s that sorted then.”

The three Fifty Shades Of Grey novels, which trace the sexual relationship between college graduate Anastasia Steele and businessman Christian Grey, have now sold over 65 million copies worldwide. EL James, the British writer of the books, sold the screen rights to Universal Pictures and Focus Features last March (2012).

The following October, screenwriter Kelly Marcel was hired to pen the script, but the film still has no director or cast members. James admitted last month (February) that “we are still a long way from casting”.

Casting for the film is an incredibly hot topic online. Mila Kunis has also been linked to the Anastacia Steele role, but recently ruled herself out too, while Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum and Henry Cavill have all been mooted as potential Christian Greys.

Meanwhile, despite the apparently slow progress, Universal Pictures chairman Adam Fogelson has stated that the film could arrive in cinemas as soon as summer 2014.