‘The Emoji Movie’ has received a critical savaging for the ages

"A force of insidious evil".

The Emoji Movie has been universally panned by critics, after the animated movie hit cinemas in the U.S.

The film, which features the vocal talents of T.J Miller, Patrick Stewart, and James Corden, follows the adventures of the ‘Emojis’ who live in the city of Textopolis, where they wait eagerly to be used on our phones every day.

But it has failed to win over critics – with The Guardian’s Charles Bramesco describing it as “a force of insidious evil”.

“Children should not be allowed to watch The Emoji Movie”, he wrote.

“Their impressionable brains simply aren’t set up to sift through the thick haze of corporate subterfuge clouding every scene of this sponsored-content post masquerading as a feature film.”

In a similarly scathing review, IndieWire’s David Ehrlick wrote: “Sony Pictures Animation’s big new blockbuster has represented something very positive since the start of this summer movie season: hope. Specifically, the hope that — for 90 beautiful minutes — Hollywood would spirit us away to a cinematic world that was somehow actually worse than real life.”

“Make no mistake, “The Emoji Movie” is very, very, very bad”, he added.

The film also currently boasts a 0% rating on reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

Earlier this year, it also revealed some surprise cast additions – with Sir Patrick Stewart providing the voice of the ‘Poop Emoji’.